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Dragonfly Festival A Success!!

Izzy the Dizzy Dragonfly made a zig-zaggy appearance at the Dragonfly Festival and was a big hit with the Festival attendees.  We met many people and were surprised to see old friends there as well.  It was a great time for everyone involved! Hopefully, we can go again next year and be an even bigger success!

Short update on the Novella:

My deep profound thought for today....Re-writes are hard!  I'm going back and changing the beginning of my story. This changes how we get to the middle of the story so all of that needs to be changed in some way as well. Seriously, that's a lot of work!  My main plot is staying the same, (phew) so no changes need to be done to that aspect of the story as of yet...but the more I work, who knows what will happen to the plot!  The final product may be a completely different story than I started with.

Let's get this started!!!

After much persuasion, I have given in and decided to start this page.  I am not a very interesting person per-say so I'll keep the focus here on my writing and any strides I happen to make in the field. 

I'll start with a bit of background on myself.  I loved growing up in the Rocky Mountains. I took it for granted and expected everywhere I lived to be just as beautiful! I miss it so much now that I am no longer there! 

I have always had a vivid and what some might call a very over-active imagination.  My mind will go in so many directions with one simple subject.  For instance, I see a couple arguing; my mind instantly starts coming up with possible reasons for the argument, what the potential conversation may sound like and what may be the ultimate resolution.  Now this can be annoying to the person I may be telling my "theories" too because frankly, most people really don't care as to why the couple may be arguing. Nevertheless, for some reason, my mind just works that way and I create scenarios in my head for every aspect of my day. The things I see, hear and participate in, all become mini stories in my mind. 

I have always enjoyed writing. It has given me an outlet for all of these stories my mind creates. Writing assignments never really bothered me in school and the more creative the assignment the more I liked it! Now, writing reports on subjects I didn't particularly care for weren't that fun! However, any free writing we were allowed or encouraged to do was where I felt the most comfortable and could just cut loose and write. I remember a story I wrote about a boy that is buried alive in an avalanche. It was a short story describing his ordeal under the snow until his rescue.  I still to this day love that story and am very proud of it!  

Even with all of my writing through the years, I never once considered publishing or even attempting to publish any of them. I write for pure enjoyment and to get the stories out of my head and on paper.  For instance, the character of Izzy the Dizzy Dragonfly was created in my mind during a nature walk with my kids.  My boys and I were watching a dragonfly zip around one day and I said to them, "Do you think she ever gets dizzy flying like that?"  My oldest son answered, "Yes, I bet she really does!"  As usual, my mind began running through stories about this little dragonfly and her life zipping around and getting dizzy. That night I could not sleep and kept having the words "Izzy the Dizzy Dragonfly zigged and zagged in the warm sunshine" running through my head. At midnight, I climbed out of bed and began writing. By 1:00 AM, my story was complete. In the morning, I added some clip art pictures to it, printed it and read it to my boys. They loved it! Weeks went by and the story was in our living room where I would read it to my sons. Various people saw and read it and all said I should have it published. So I thought, "Why not? What's the harm in checking into it?"  I began researching publishers online and in the library. After weeks of research, I submitted my story and was so fortunate to get a contract.  "Izzy the Dizzy Dragonfly" was published!
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Eventually, there will be a series of books about Izzy and her friends dealing with the struggles and issues kids face each day. 
I am also working on a teen novella. This story started with a "fantasy" I had as a teenager. I had two scenarios that ran though my head over and over as I struggled through my teen years. The "What if this happened?" type dream I think many teenage girls have. I wrote these two scenarios down and started filling in the rest of the story and a novella was born...or should I say conceived since the story still has a long way to go! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I look forward to sharing many more stories with you!